I'm Sheena M Hamilton , I'm a photographer who loves to break the rules that are taught for "how one should look". I'm body positive, love playing with light, and getting into the thick of collaborative projects with people. Any medium of art and I'll give it a go happily. I enjoy creative writing, jewelry/prop making, discussing and organizing better ways to do things, project leading, project following, product designing, layout designing, graphic design, etc etc etc. Currently I've gotten deep into print layout and doing more and more print work for and with other companies and groups. I can also deliver printed goods in the lower Puget Sound area, or ship it to anyone else. Plus I'm in the Puget Sound area, live in Olympia currently. So projects around there I'm game to join. 
I manage a  team of people who help bring together great projects. So if you're needing another kind of project done than is listed here, I can make it happen. Whether it's screen printing, website design, or something else, I can make it happen in a good time frame. 
My office and studio are in Lacey WA.
Family, couples, engagement, maternity, costume, character, corporate, pet, alternative family, boudoir, performance, business, real estate, headshots, executive portraits, birthday, senior photos, architecture. Please go to pricing to learn more. Or if a service you would like is not listed, please contact me for a quote. 
Retouching - Subtle to dramatic.
Subtle: softening of lines, softly whitening teeth, blemish removal. Bringing out the shining moments of the person that is there. Not changing who they are.
Dramatic - Have 15 family photos that not one of them turned out quite right? I can composite them back together to make it look like you got it in one shot! Want to know what you’d look like with a new color of skin? A tattoo? Wings? Or change the background entirely in an image.
Fine art finishing of images. From subtle to stunning image editing to make an image ready for the wall or publication.
Restoration of old images
Graphic Design
Print Design - Brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, booklet, catalog, package, label design, and more.
Layout - For web and print. Online banners, GIF's, PDF brochures, and more. 
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